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Fat!ShinoKiba: The Akimichi Way :icondebu-neko-kun:Debu-Neko-Kun 13 17
Mature content
Little Pig (Warmup) :icondebu-neko-kun:Debu-Neko-Kun 27 21
Mature content
The Honey Pot :icondebu-neko-kun:Debu-Neko-Kun 49 22
Mature content
COMM: Dairy Tour :icondebu-neko-kun:Debu-Neko-Kun 36 13
COMM: Sunset
Miku giggled to her group of friends as they walked into the bar, her stylish canvas bookbag slung over her arm.
“I didn’t even know it was possible to pass that exam, let alone ace it!” she smiled, still a bit awestruck at the feat.
“That’s why we’re here at a bar on a Wednesday night, girl! We’re the queens of Chemistry, we deserve a party.”
“Drinks on Miku!” one girl chuckled, sitting at a booth right across from the bar. Miku just sarcastically chuckled and joined her. Miku waved down a waiter and ordered a round of drinks for everyone, though as the designated driver of the evening, she stuck with a lime soda. Evenings like this made her happy to be considered “popular”, as opposed to the many nights she spent alone in highschool. Although, even surrounded by so many people, smiling there in her booth, there was something that made her feel… different.
Miku surf
:icondebu-neko-kun:Debu-Neko-Kun 10 12
COMM: Gakupo X Kaito-sensei: Keep Me Warm
Kaito-sensei waddled down the hall, his unbuttoned jacket letting his unrestrained belly rub and pat softly against what could have once been considered his blue-sock-covered knees (now merely segments on rounded trunks attached to colossally fat thighs and pudgy toes.) He looked from room to room, gripping his scarf in nervous fear as he passed the raindrops falling outside the windows.
“G-Gaku! Gakupo, please!” he stuttered out, feeling that cursed cold creeping in. Why did he have to be gone on a rainy day of all days? Why? Why today?!
Just as tears crept up behind his red-framed glasses, he felt those familiarly strong arms hug up under his massive, flabby chest, lifting him off the ground. His jiggly butt mushed up against Gakupo, practically engulfing his torso in fat cheek.
“There you are! I was looking for you, my ice-cream ball!” Gakupo smiled. Kaito dangled there, his arms out like a hugged cat.
“I-I was looking for you too! It’s… c-c
:icondebu-neko-kun:Debu-Neko-Kun 22 15
Mature content
Emoberry :icondebu-neko-kun:Debu-Neko-Kun 59 16
Art Trade: Avery (unsuccesfully) Excercising
Avery bit into a slice of steaming pizza, eyes locked on the colorful television show displayed on the screen across from him. He shifted his orange-skinned alien girth on the couch, his doughy hips crinkling numerous empty candy wrappers as he readjusted his weighty body. Without moving his eyes from the screen, he reached for another slice of cheesy pizza, his fingers grasping nothing but air and cardboard.
“Hrmph…” he whined, glancing at the newly-empty top of the pizza-box tower that had formed by the couch. He’d have to buy more… as soon as this episode was over. He snuggled back down against the cushion, his back fat warming the seat (although his butt fat had it covered, as well as 2/3 of the couch.)
“Avery! Where are you- what do you think you’re doing?!”
“O-Oh, hey Kate! I was just, uh…”
The sea-foam-green-skinned girl walked in front of the T.V., hands on her chubby hips. Avery gave her a sheepish smile, brushi
:icondebu-neko-kun:Debu-Neko-Kun 13 11
Mature content
Runaway AU: Pete-Cow :icondebu-neko-kun:Debu-Neko-Kun 47 14
Mature content
Runaway Chapter 2 :icondebu-neko-kun:Debu-Neko-Kun 39 36
Mature content
Bite Me, It's V-Day :icondebu-neko-kun:Debu-Neko-Kun 57 22
Housecat- Saturday
"Haru, little kitty, time to wake up." Niels called softly, gently patting the dozing boy's plush arm. Haru let out a little squeak as he yawned awake.
"Master? Are we going someplace?" the boy asked, pulling his blanket up to his pudgy chin.
"We have an appointment with Doc Tobi today. He wants to make sure you're still doing alright."
"D-Doc Tobi?... I-I-Is he gonna stick me with a needle again? Master, I-I don't wanna go if h-he's gonna poke me again!" he cried, his feline ears flattening back against his head in fright.
"Haru, he was just making sure you weren't sick! I promise he wasn't trying to hurt you on purpose." Niels spoke, petting the panicked boy on the head soothingly.
"I-I still don't wanna go..." he mumbled, looking away.
"I'll tell you what. If you're good at the doctor's office, I'll take you to get ice cream and then we'll go to the park. And if you're extra good, we'll stop by the toy store on the way home and I'll let you pick out whatever you want. Sound like a d
:icondebu-neko-kun:Debu-Neko-Kun 44 27
Neff patted his tan face dry with a towel, clearing his face of the remaining post-shower dew. Pulling his sweatpants up over his thin, athletic legs, he stopped and turned sideways, inspecting himself in the mirror. He was still as thin as ever, his freshly-passed highschool track star days having sculpted him into an admirable figure of health. He smirked to himself and slipped his oversized shirt on. With a little yawn, he flicked the lights off in the bathroom and walked into his dimly-lit bedroom, pausing briefly to watch the rain patter against the window outside. Lightning flashed, making him jump a little.
“It’s just rain, dummy…” he breathed to himself, shivering gently. Regardless, he quickly hopped to his bed, his fluffy brown cat tail curled against his leg in lingering fear. With a little sigh, he pulled several blankets up around his body, cocooning himself in cotton.
“Just rain…” he repeated to himself. “Just rain, nothing
:icondebu-neko-kun:Debu-Neko-Kun 51 19
Mature content
Rabbit Blue :icondebu-neko-kun:Debu-Neko-Kun 27 11
Eggplant Sumo
Gakupo bowed his head, his soft purple hair falling down over his shoulders. With a soft breath, he slid his katana out from its sheath at his side, holding it high above his head. With great grace, he spun the sword around in his hand, lowering it towards a pedestal surrounded by small plushie eggplants.
“Bring me luck, Eggplant-sama…” he spoke with a stern intensity, carefully bringing it down, careful to keep the ceremony in perfect harmony.
With a jolt, the sword slipped out of his hand and skewered the largest of the stuffed eggplants, the purple fabric slicing clean through.
“W-Wha…!” he cried, spinning around in time to see Kaito latch onto his slender stomach in a low hug. “Kaito! What are you doing here? You know you’re forbidden in my shrine!” he scolded, trying to pry the blue-haired boy off of himself. Kaito just nuzzled his stomach, holding fast.
“I came to congratulate you on your concert co
:icondebu-neko-kun:Debu-Neko-Kun 28 20
Princes Chapter One
Aren coughed, pulling in a raspy breath as he shuffled through the snow, his feet near-frozen within his thin leather shoes. He pulled his hat down tighter over his black rabbit ears to shield them from the freezing wind, shivering uncontrollably. He looked up, hoping to see the town, a cottage, shelter, anything. Anything to save him from the cold. To his despair, only a thick curtain of white was to be seen. His shuffling slowed, the feeling fading away from his legs. He dropped to one knee, his shivering calming as the blood flooded his chest cavity in a fleeting attempt to keep him alive. His heart thumped slowly in his chest. His fingers trembled. His eyelids fluttered. His other knee dropped to the snow, the very strength within him ebbing away into the cold.
“H-Help…” he weakly called into the air, falling to the ground. His hat dropped off of his head, his ears flopping out into the snow. As his eyelids shut, he could hear the crunch of horse hooves against th
:icondebu-neko-kun:Debu-Neko-Kun 19 8


Have some cake by cinnabunswirl Have some cake :iconcinnabunswirl:cinnabunswirl 33 8 RETURN OF THE SUNCAKES by Fronomoo
Mature content
RETURN OF THE SUNCAKES :iconfronomoo:Fronomoo 21 9
SV - Ample Alex by BrokenCassette SV - Ample Alex :iconbrokencassette:BrokenCassette 74 0 Big Boy Gets Bigger by BrokenCassette Big Boy Gets Bigger :iconbrokencassette:BrokenCassette 58 1
Gorditos - Part 1
 “The Best Fine Dining - Gordito’s has it all, and we want you to know that we’re becoming known for something more; we are on track to be the world’s first ZERO WASTE restaurant!”
             Working while going to school was never an ideal setup, but most of Brad’s friends were in the same boat as him: getting some help from their parents, maybe some financial aid, but still coming up short every month. He could probably stand to party a little less, and perhaps drink fewer beers. Lucky for him, Brad already had an in for the job at “Gorditos” – the assistant manager was his old frat brother Travis. Not only that, but Brad and his rugby team had eaten there more times than he could count – he probably had the entire menu memorized already.
             “These are your shirts. Make sure they stay clean.” Travis had definitely gotten to be
:iconbrokencassette:BrokenCassette 33 4
Sander then and now by TheStitchyHeart
Mature content
Sander then and now :iconthestitchyheart:TheStitchyHeart 64 23
Soft George by cinnabunswirl Soft George :iconcinnabunswirl:cinnabunswirl 48 5 Not quite full Keaton by CuccoKing Not quite full Keaton :iconcuccoking:CuccoKing 130 13 Greasy Kiss by yellowchess Greasy Kiss :iconyellowchess:yellowchess 22 19 No Limits Right Now by Pocharimochi No Limits Right Now :iconpocharimochi:Pocharimochi 226 23 Ko-Fi -03- He's Late! by Kai-Kamaka Ko-Fi -03- He's Late! :iconkai-kamaka:Kai-Kamaka 36 2 Superchub Veleno by FFPhilum
Mature content
Superchub Veleno :iconffphilum:FFPhilum 43 0
Velocirabbit by Kai-Kamaka Velocirabbit :iconkai-kamaka:Kai-Kamaka 35 4
Mature content
Helping Hands - Afterward :iconyellowchess:yellowchess 36 6
Ham and Cheese by cartmanxkylexalways Ham and Cheese :iconcartmanxkylexalways:cartmanxkylexalways 73 14 Bmg by John-manzi-LOW
Mature content
Bmg :iconjohn-manzi-low:John-manzi-LOW 489 20



I'll never understand the part of the video game culture where people feel the need to "ironically" insult every new thing coming out. Like, can't anybody be legitimately interested or have a nice word to say anymore? 
Tl;dr E3 made me lose my faith in most gamers and therefore 85 percent of deviantart 
In addition to the journal stuff I just really wanted to thank everyone again for your kindness and support, it's really saved me more times than I can count!! You're all wonderful~ <3 
I think I'm finally getting better! If only the weather would clear up so the migraines would stop... =w=
At least I'm alive! And my birfday is tomorrow owo
Going to try to finish up some commissions, gifts, and other things I owe people in the weeks ahead, and see what I can do about sequels to some of these unfinished storylines. If there's something you'd like to see finished, comment below or something! Otherwise, have a lovely weekend! :3 
Just when I thought things were okay again, if even for just a little while longer, things fall apart all over again... 
I don't even know what's happening, or what will happen, but it doesn't sound good. 
Me: Finally got my computer back! Time to work on commissions while I have a small time away from school-
Body: Nope, you now have the flu. Stay down! 
Long story short, I feel like death, but I'm trying. 
New commission option coming soon! 



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I think I'm finally getting better! If only the weather would clear up so the migraines would stop... =w=
At least I'm alive! And my birfday is tomorrow owo
Going to try to finish up some commissions, gifts, and other things I owe people in the weeks ahead, and see what I can do about sequels to some of these unfinished storylines. If there's something you'd like to see finished, comment below or something! Otherwise, have a lovely weekend! :3 


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Huh.... there's not much to know about me, really. I just like to write, I think chubby boys are adorable, and I have a grey cat that likes to sleep on my keyboard. X3
Feel free to ask questions!~
Icon image is from a game, Animal Boyfriend. I didn't steal it, I can't even draw ;a;


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